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Email Solutions

Communication is key and email is still one of the most popular and effective tools for business. Our email solutions for large or small business will help you get up and running with Office365, Gmail or any other popular email provider. If you’re unsure what POP and IMAP mean or if you need your email to sync across multiple devices or offices, get in touch for our effective email business solutions.

Our IT support experts will advise you on how to get the best out of your email, how to minimise spam and malware/viruses and how and what you might need to backup or secure. We can also advise you on using cloud based email services or exchange based email.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Anti Malware & Spam Email Filtering

A key headache for any business is the sheer volume of email junk received. A correctly setup email filter can drastically reduce the amount of spam and save you and your staff hours of clicking and deleting endless emails.

Viruses and malware attachments or links are a major security issue for many businesses. We can help set up virus filters and advise your business how to spot and how to avoid these potentially dangerous pitfalls.

Secure Email

Email is important to your business, so we can help encrypt sensitive information or general emails; and offer advice and practical support with backing up and sorting your emails.

If you receive lots of important email but your inbox is looking a bit daunting, we can help you with the backup and sorting of your email storage.

When you’re looking for an important email from a few weeks or maybe a few months ago, it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Perhaps you’ve got email that you don’t know if you’ll ever need again but you can’t delete it – just in case…

As our IT support experts about our business email solutions to streamline your working day.

Anti Virus

One of the easiest things for the average user to enable, anti-virus software protects your computer or network from hackers, viruses or other mal-ware. We can advise you on the best anti-virus software to use and how you can apply this to everyone in your company.

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